Pooch Power Shovel, a ridiculous way to clean up after your pet

SkyMall really does have an answer for everything. Take this here Pooch Power Shovel for instance — instead of bending over and scooping up your animal's, erm, deposits in a plastic bag, it's essentially a vacuum-powered pooper-scooper.

Of course, for the added convenience you'll have to lug around what looks like a weird leaf blower. That, and you'll get plenty of stares when you vacuum up your first mess.

The Pooch Power Shovel uses biodegradable bags and can supposedly hoover up a "whole yard's worth of waste" at a time. Gross, right? Then again, maybe if you own a kennel or something this would be a godsend.

The kicker is the special bags it uses. You've got to throw down $100 for the Shovel alone, then pay for stacks of bags to keep it going. Still, you'll never have to feel that warm, icky sensation through a thin plastic bag ever again.

Sky Mall, via Red Ferret

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