Phone with 6 mechanical clocks is perfect for a 1980s jet setter

Most smart phone have an app that lets you check the time in any city with a few keystrokes. Apparently for some jet-setting business users that's way too much work, so just for them there's the Luxor World Time phone.

This isn't the first ridiculously overpriced cellphone we've seen, but with technology that's about as cutting edge as a 2005 Motorola RAZR, the Luxor World TIme fails to make sense on just about any level.

The Luxor's key claim to greatness is that it lets you check the time in six cities instantly with six independent mechanical watch mechanisms jammed into the case. Five are set for key world business centers, while the sixth can be for wherever you and your fancy overpriced phone happen to be. The mechanisms are run from a different power source than the rest of the phone which they claim will keep them going for 10 years, at which point, using one of these phones will look a bit like using a 1980s Motorola Brick would today.

Beyond the clocks, the specs are decidedly ho-hum. There's a 240 x 320 pixel display with a media player will handle most common formats, and the phone connects with WAP GPRS EDGE or an internal modem, but no 4G. MicroSD storage is limited to 2GB, but with only a 2-MP camera that might be enough.

To justify the silly price there are plenty of less technical luxury features. The case is made from ceramic coated titanium, and the front and back displays are protected with "97 carat sapphire crystals" whatever that means. Each key is also an individually hand polished sapphire crystal

This reminds me of the time James Bond checked his Pulsar LED digital watch in Live and Let Die, wowie-zowie impressive to a kid in 1973, but just ho-hum quaint today.

The Luxor World Time from Gresso is available now for $6000.

Luxor World Time, via Born Rich

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