Overlay turns any TV into a multi-touch powerhouse

If you ever wanted to do your own version of Minority Report or CNN style election coverage at home, this multi-touch overlay lets you add that type of functionality to any video display or TV.

The Overlay Multitouch from Displax is a special polymer film that comes in sizes for displays from 32 up to a massive 103 inches, which should offer plenty of room to work on even the most complicated plots for world domination. The only catch is the price, which starts at around $1,800, presumably for the 32-inch model.

If sticking a plastic sheet over your beautiful TV seems a bit tacky, Displax has also introduced a 42-inch multi-touch table called Oqtopus, which offers the same functionality as the overlay in a dedicated device. At $6,250 it's clearly priced for the corporate world, but think how cool it would be to have this as the coffee table/system controller in your home theater.

Just be careful no to spill your drink on its sloping surface, or you might send the system into fits.

Marketwire, via Engadget

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