Only Razer could sell you this $60 mousepad with a straight face

How much is too much for a mousepad? $10? $5, even? Hell, I don't even use one myself — though I do use a Razer mouse. The company has made a name for itself offering precision mice that target gamers, and now it's tossing in a "gaming-grade" mouse mat.

So, what does $60 get you when it comes to a mousepad? The smoothest ride imaginable, apparently. The Razer Ironclad is composed of an anodized aluminum unibody that's sandblasted smooth. It's also a pretty big surface — 12.6 inches long with a width of 10.6 inches — so you won't go sliding off the sides.

Still, you can get a perfectly serviceable mouse for a lot less than $60. At least that Tron-branded mousepad from Razer came with the mouse — the one in the picture above is just for show.

Razer, via Maximum PC

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