Nine-foot-square home still crams in all the modern comforts

How small can a house be and still really be a living space? Closet-sized apartments in New York City and capsule hotels in Japan already seem to test those limits, but designer Michael Janzen is scaling it back even more with his Nine Tiny Feet Cabin.

That's right, all you get is nine squared feet to live in. And yet, according to Janzen's plans, that's all the room you need to lie down (curled up, we imagine), or comfortably stand, or take a shower, use the facilities, do work or even prepare food. You even get a porch of sorts. Everything folds out of the way when you don't need it, though that may mean living with a little more forethought.

The most impressive part of the idea, though, is that the home could be made light enough that it could be easily transportable, and even have all of its amenities powered by a 12-volt battery. The Nine Tiny Feet Cabin (which could use a more spacious name, at least) could employ other sustainable tricks such as rainwater collection, and includes a nice, large bay window just so you don't feel too cramped.

Nine Tiny Feet Cabin, via Inhabitat

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