New Super Hi-Vision format is 16x sharper than 1080p

Remember the first time you laid your eyes on an HDTV and saw every little pore on Johnny Depp's face? Yeah, I do too. If you thought it couldn't get any clearer than that, think again.

The BBC and NHK just completed a live trial broadcast of the band The Charlatans from the U.K. to Tokyo with Super Hi-Vision. Developed by Japanese public broadcaster NHK, Super Hi-Vision is capable of displaying a whopping 7,680 x 4,320 pixels — offering up to 16 times the pixels over what is currently considered full HD at 1080p.

Instead of transferring the video over satellite, the Super Hi-Vision broadcast was transmitted over high-speed Internet at whopping speeds of 24Gb/s.

So not only will you need to have a screen that can output such a high resolution (no TV right now can do so), you'll also need a crazy fast Internet connection. NHK hopes to have Super Hi-Vision ready for use for the 2012 Olympics. Seeing Michael Phelps in Super Hi-Vision might be the closest thing to ogling him you may ever get.

BBC, via Engadget

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