Need a new stereo? Part 2. Here's what $1,000 will get you

Yesterday I checked out one of the most outrageous stereos ever assembled. That $375,000 monster is a bit more than what 99.999% of people are willing to spend, so today I thought I would check out a great sounding system that runs about $374,000 less.

Manufactured in China by California based Napa Acoustic, this neat little setup includes a 25 watt per channel hybrid (tube/transistor) integrated amp called the NA-208A for $399, the DT307CD CD player also for $399, and the two-way NA-208S speakers for only $199 a pair. The amp comes with a cable to connect an iPod, and a 3.5mm mini jack is provided for connecting your phone or another type of music player.

You would think that after listening to so many super expensive systems at the Rocky Mountain Audio Fest, that my jaded ears would find the modest little Napa Acoustic system to be a letdown, but that was hardly the case. The whole rig sounded remarkably impressive and musical, even if it does fall way short on delivering the scale and majesty of some of the big setups. Still, for less than $1,000 ($600 if you don't need a CD player), this system is easy to enjoy, and provides more than just a glimpse of what you get when you spend mansion money on a stereo.

The Rocky Mountain Audio Fest continues through today at the Denver Tech Center Marriott. Napa Acoustic is in room 442.

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