Need a new stereo? Here's what $375,000 will get you

Are you in the market to get a new stereo? Then head over to the Marriott at the Denver Tech Center, where many of the world's most exotic stereo companies are showing off their wares at the 7th annual Rocky Mountain Audio Fest.

Dvice is in Denver to check out the show, and on day one this modest little rig from New Jersey's GTT Audio & Video caught our eye (and ears).

Anchoring the system are the Anat II Professional speakers from local Denver based manufacturer YG Acoustics. They may look like they're tipping over in the pictures, but that's just the way they've been designed to provide accurate time alignment. At $104, 000 a pair, you'd better hope they don't tip over.

The electronics all come from Soulution of Switzerland, running a cool $69,500 for the 745 SACD player, $40,000 for the 720 preamp, and $115,000 for the 700 mono amps.

That neat little pile adds up to $328,500, but you still need some wires to hook it all up. The Kubala-Sosna Elation interconnects and speaker cables run around $1,200 per meter plus $4,800 for termination (putting the ends on), while the power cords are a relative bargain at $500 per meter plus $1,300 for the plugs.

The source heading up this whole rig is a ridiculously modest seeming Korg MR2000S DSD recorder, which seems like a complete give away at a mere $2,500.

I have to admit that it all sounded pretty awesome, but I wonder how many people actually buy stereos that cost as much as a really nice house. Happily, there are plenty of eminently more affordable systems on display at the show.

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