Mountain climbers can now browse the Web from the top of Mount Everest

There's no excuse not to climb the world's tallest mountain anymore. Mount Everest just got an upgrade — a 3G one, courtesy of Nepali mobile network operator Ncell. Ncell claims to have a base station that reaches up to the mountain's summit.

According to Mashable, visitors of Mount Everest can now surf the web or place calls through a standard GSM 3G network. This means that visitors are no longer limited to satellite phones to communicate with those at the bottom of the mountain who were too chicken to make the vertical hike.

We can see it now: mountain climbers using iPhones to tweet "Lost!" or "Avalanche!" Video calling is even possible, so FaceTiming your beloved ones while you're overcoming frostbite will soon be a reality. To show off its new station, Ncell even made the world's highest video call at a height of 17,388 feet.

With all the time spent on just surviving the climb up Everest, we're not sure browsing Dvice while mid-way up is such a brilliant idea.

Mashable, via Yahoo! News

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