Luxury bunker condo lets you survive the apocalypse in style

Scaring the bejesus out of people is big business these days, and few plans to get paranoid people to spend lots of their money are as blatant as the network of 20 luxury underground survival shelters being set up by TerraVivos.

Built deep underground inside disused cold war bunker facilities, the Vivos shelters will be able to accommodate 172 to 200 lucky folks who are willing to fork over $25,000 for their own little place to survive the apocalypse. Each person gets about 100 square feet of living space, divided up into small family groups. The shelters are designed to be self-sustaining for up to one year.

To give you a little added motivation to buy, the Vivos website goes on at length about all sorts of doomsday scenarios, including nuclear attack, civil unrest, giant tsunamis, asteroid collisions, and a huge solar flare which they think might destroy all unprotected life on Earth in 2012. There's even a countdown clock which predicts something hideous happening in 804 days, although it's not clear what.

Personally, my doomsday scenario involves being locked in an underground bunker for a year with a bunch of paranoid nut-job survivalist types.

TerraVivos, via PopSci

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