Lego Wii Remote is colorful, but looks uncomfortable

It looks like a Nintendo Wii Remote and works like one. Color us surprised when we got wind that Lego is producing a Nintendo Wii Remote — that in typical Lego fashion can be customized. Why didn't Lego think of this sooner?

As you can see in the pictures in the gallery, there are only certain parts of the Wii Remote that have the little plates where you can stick Lego pieces onto — places that don't seem comfortable if you're planning to get into a heated run of New Super Mario Bros. Wii with your friends. The Lego Wii Remote looks to come with a bunch of flat bricks in the box, but we all know that real Lego fans are going to grab their own bricks and build all around this accessory!

The Lego Wii Remote sells for $40 and will be released later this week. It comes with strap for safety but there appears to be no silicone case to protect your TV from accidents — would defeat the purpose of user customization if you ended up covering it again anyway.

Toys R Us, via Kotaku

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