Japanese scientists are planning to print smells with ink-jets

Kenichi Okada and his cohorts are planning to present their latest invention in Florence, Italy this week. The Keio University scientists have figured out a way to use a modified ink-jet printer to squirt scents. If Okada has his way, his team's work could lead to prints that aren't just super glossy but could also stimulate the nose.

Okada's team worked with Canon, experts in cameras and printing to convert a regular printer into an "olfactory display" that can switch between four aromas. Okada says that ink-jets are perfect for creating smells because they can "emit tiny pulses of material to achieve precise control" — perfect for scents.

While the printer can currently create a few scents such as lemon, lavender and mint — associating the smells with images isn't ready yet. Okada says the next step is to sync the two together. It shouldn't be too hard, just as long as the smells are pleasant. Can you imagine if this smell tech landed into the wrong hands like the makers of all those fart apps?

We've always been fond of those stickers that you scratched off with the aromatic strawberry or lemon smells, so count us in for scented prints.

Via New Scientist

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