Diabolical app turns your iPhone into a spy camera

Ten years ago, we would have never wasted our time taking photos of every ridiculous antic happening around us. Now, thanks to Facebook, Flickr and a wealth of other places to share our pics, we've all become photo-sharing freaks. A new app for the iPhone called Camera Camouflage can now help us permanently capture moments without looking like we're actually taking a picture — by masking itself as a phone call.

The basic premise of the app is to allow iPhone users to inconspicuously take photos. Simply put, the app activates with your voice. When you start talking, the camera kicks in and starts snapping photos. To make it even more sneaky, Camera Camouflage can be set to ring your iPhone and when you answer the "call" with your voice, the camera does its thing.

Camera Camouflage seems like the perfect companion for getting the best photobombs doesn't it? The only gripe we have is perhaps with the quality of the photos — they can't be that sharp if you're holding the phone up to your head while the camera's shooting things. Anticipate blur and lots of it.

iTunes, via Gizmodo

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