Ion-emitting cellphone makes your calls less disgusting

Did you know that a cellphone is one of the filthiest personal gadgets we carry around in our pockets? It's about as a clean as a hotel remote. Japanese phone operator, NTT DoCoMo understands that in the real world, our hands are dirty as hell too. That's why they are conceptualizing a cellphone with a built-in air purifier.

The cellphone is dubbed the "Plasmacluster" and it uses an ion generator that can can cleanse the air within a 12-inch radius of the device. The ions are emitted through the bottom of the cellphone through six holes.

The technology for the Plasmacluster is currently still in development and adds some heft to standard Japanese cellphones, but NTT DoCoMo is hoping that the tech will shrink in size over time.

One day, you may be able to leave the hand sanitizer at home and let your cellphone keep the germs at bay. For now, carrying a bottle of Purell will have to do.

Aving, via Ubergizmo

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