If Batman's Batpod was electric, it'd look like this

The Batpod in Christopher Nolan's geek-tastic Dark Knight was one slick looking piece of moto-bike. Too bad, none of Batman's vehicles are electric. This all terrain electric bike has the fat tires to fit right into Batman's fat-wheel-vehicle obsession.

With a powerful 600 watt brushless electric motor, the Hanebrink All-Terrain Electric Bike can travel up to 100 miles on a single charge. Its 8-inch thick tires allow it to be used on all different types of terrains such as snow and sand. Does crushing over scum like Scarecrow count as a type of terrain? The electric bike sells for $5,500 — a bargain according to Hanebrink. They say traditional mountain bikes start at $3,000.

The Hanebrink bike can travel at a top speed of 20 miles per hour and looks really nice in black. That kid with the sky-blue bike? Yeah, not nearly as nice. Batman better go green in his next movie because come on, the dude destroys like half of Gotham and doesn't even need to pay for any damages.

Fortune Hanebrink, via Toxel

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