If Batman built a solar-powered trike, it'd look like this

Designer Josh Hadar wasn't content to just build himself an electric trike — cool enough when green DIY projects are all the rage — so instead he went for one with plenty of attitude. By all accounts, it's quite the beast to drive, too.

The sexy frame it's got is all carbon steel. When Hadar first fired it up, though, it had quite a bit of kick: "The first test ride was a virtual wheelie-fest that left its rider sprawled on the ground."

After some much-needed tweaking, he's got the bike all leveled out and now it maxes out at 45 miles per hour. Sure, it's not the fastest hog out there, but it would be the cheapest to run. It's electric battery is refilled back at Hadar's studio, which has a 750-watt array of six solar panels on the roof.

So, what do you think? Should Batman go green? Check down below for another shot of the trike since this thing just looks damn cool.

Wired, via Ecofriend, via LikeCool

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