HARBUT missile can get through a whole lot of rock and concrete

Sure, the HARDBUT missile might have a pretty funny name, but you wouldn't be laughing if it was headed in your direction. That's because this monster ordinance, which has the full name of the Hard and Deeply Buried Target Next Generation Multiple Warhead System, is designed to go deeper into bunkers and secure command centers than any other weapon.

The weapon, designed by European missile maker MBDA, seems like its pretty serious. But it's not the only game in town for bunker busting: the Air Force is looking to bust out its 30,000-pound Massive Ordinance Penetrator by 2012. Which will be better at getting through rock and concrete? That's not clear. But you've got to love that the two weapons up for the task are called the HARDBUT and the Penetrator.

Via Danger Room

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