Turn your kid into Iron Man with this giant working exoskeleton

Hey kids! if you want to make every other kid's Halloween costume look kind of lame this year, I would suggest this awesome exoskeleton suit from Sakakibara Kikai of Japan.

Of course the fact that it costs about $21,000 is going to make your extra-huge candy haul a bit meaningless, but you should be able to keep the other kids away with those giant hydraulic arms.

The Kid's Walker doesn't really walk, but kind of shuffles around on those giant wheeled feet. Unfortunately, unlike like that XOS 2 suit we saw last week, the Kid's Walker doesn't seem to do too much other than shuffle around. There are a couple of joysticks and some pedals, but it's not really clear is whether the kid is actually controlling it, of if there's some kind of remote parental override. I can just see some 5 year old destroying a few cars in a parking lot with his out of control Kid's Walker.

Sakakabari Kikai, via Gizmag

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