Giant eyeball speakers will creep you out for only $127,000

Bearing an uncanny resemblance to Kang and Kodos the cyclops space aliens from The Simpsons, these giant spherical speakers aren't exactly going to cut it if you expect your stereo gear to blend in with the furniture.

Created by the well-known French speaker company Cabasse as a follow up to the even bigger and creepier looking La Sphere, this new model dubbed The Ocean comes packaged with a digital room correction system and crossover, along with 2,250 watts of built in power four-way for each speaker.

The technical thinking behind the shape makes good sense, Leveraging Cabasse's driver building expertise to build The Ocean as a four-way concentric design. As you move out from the center of the "eye", each ring delivers lower frequencies while maintaining a perfect phase relationship from any listening position.

They do look a bit less creepy with the grill installed as shown on the right speaker in the picture, but it's still going to take a lot of doing to get this piece of "sculpture" into most homes. I guess it's a French thing. Then of course there's the little matter of price, at about $127,000 per pair.

The Ocean will begin shipping next spring.

Via Born Rich

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