Shapeshifting floating hotel is the world's slowest cruise ship

This bizarre concept is sort of a cross between a floating hotel and super slow cruise ship. Called the Morphotel, it has been created by Italian architect Gianluca Santosuosso for the Indian Navy Docks of Greater Mumbai.

His vision calls for the Morphotel to go on an endless journey around the world, stopping occasionally in various ports to become a temporary extension of the city itself, as people and supplies come and go.

Built around a flexible spine, the Morphotel can adapt its shape to handle differing weather conditions, or to more neatly fit into the space available at a whichever port of call it is visiting. Instead of embarking of a set journey from point A to point B, the Morphotel will be on a continuous trip, and guests will have to catch up with it during a stop to get on. They can then stay for a journey that suits their needs, disembarking at a later stop in a different city.

While this looks like an interesting idea, I wonder how many people really want to get away from it all for those extended sea journeys between ports? I would get pretty bored on a five day cruise to Bermuda, so imagine finding stuff to do on a month long trip across the Pacific Ocean.

Clearly, the Morphotel is only a concept., via Born Rich

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