Finally, a real guitar that can control Rock Band and Guitar Hero

Rock Band and Guitar Hero are lots of fun, but apart from posing and looking cool, pushing colored square buttons has very little in common with actual guitar playing. Now there's a real guitar controller that can help you to make that transition from posing to actually playing.

We looked at an early version of Seven45 Studio's Power Gig guitar back in March, but now they've added this very cool looking handmade version that nobody should be embarrassed to be seen with. Power Gig's guitar does have some subtle colored buttons in the side of the neck that you can "play" just like with those cheap plastic button controllers, but it also lets you get real with six strings, and a pickup so you can connect it to a regular guitar amp.

Ideally, Seven45 Studios wants you to use the guitar with their own answer to Rock Band and Guitar Hero called Power Gig: Rise of the SixString, but it does work fine with most versions of the competing games. What's cool with the Power Gig software is that it recognizes where your fingers are on the fret board, and scores you based on your ability to shape the chords and play the right notes. Until the long promised Guitar Rising software actually gets to market, this must be the new king of guitar gaming.

The main catch I see is that the guitar is also priced like the real thing at $250, plus another $60 for the game. The guitar is currently available for pre-order in both PS3 and X-Box 360 versions for $250. Both are said to be "limited editions", so don't dawdle if you're interested.

Seven45 Studios, via Engadget

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