This could be Batman's next car, jet, helicopter and boat all in one

This is the "Halo Intersceptor" by British designer Philip Pauley. Honestly, it'd look sexy enough on its own just being a car, but Pauley couldn't resist upping the ante, and made it into an even more awesome jet, boat and helicopter. Hop on in to see its different forms.

It's nice that Pauley doesn't have his vehicle magically assuming its other forms. Instead, it slides into a series of different chassis, each one just as cool as the last (and all of 'em are in the gallery below). Our favorite is definitely the jet, though the helicopter strikes us as a vehicle that needs a little more love in the design world, so it's a nice addition.

The Halo would definitely be a welcome addition to the Wayne or Bond arsenal — all we need to do is slap on some rocket launchers and some odd contraption that squirts an oil slick behind the vehicle or something. It all makes a little more sense if you see it fitting together, so check out the video below and it'll all become clear.

Philip Pauley, via Fastco Design, via Auto Motto

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