Heavy-duty electric trike hauls 150 pounds of cargo

Here in New York City, it seems like a lot of the Chinese food delivery guys are starting to use electric bikes. Still, if they really want to haul a lot of Kung-Pao around, they should consider this heavy-duty trike with its 150-lb load capacity.

The trike is built by a San Francisco-based startup called Onya Cycles. Its website doesn't have too much information yet, but there's more details in the video which comes from Giga OM.

One really neat feature is the steering rack, which actually leans the bike into corners for added stability. Range is a claimed 20 miles, but I expect that will depend on the weight of the rider and cargo. Still, that should be more than enough for most shopping trips. Price, however, is likely to be a bigger barrier at around $3,800, which adds up to a whole lot of Mu-Shu pork. I guess that's the cost of a bike that's hand built to order.

Onya Cycles, via Treehugger

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