Cyberpunk PC mod freakishly reminds me of a Matrix bot

The Russians are at it again. I'm starting to wonder if everyone in the land up north has their own crazy custom PC mod. This cyberpunk-styled computer definitely wins in the looks department compared to that bucket-of-wood-chips PC with too much storage to even know what to do with.

Looking like something that came out of The Matrix trilogy, this PC skips the case — and opts to expose all of its innards. Every wire, electrical plug and port is just hanging out in the open. The mod includes LED lights, orbital speakers, storage bays and more. But how do you keep the entire thing dust-free? A bottle of compressed air can only do so much.

Calling it a monstrosity doesn't even begin to describe it. Check out the photos in the gallery below because words can only say so much., via English Russia

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