Create your own masterpieces on an iPad with this painting app

Most people tend to think of oil paint and canvas when it comes to creating great paintings, but now there's an app that really lets artists apply all of their traditional techniques to digital painting.

ArtRage has been around for a while, but now there's a new version of ArtRage3 specifically tailored for the iPad, which was demonstrated to great effect this evening by artist David Jon Kassan at ShowStoppers in New York.

Regular readers might recognize Kassan's name from that amazing demo of the iPad Brushes app, but he told me that with ArtRage3 he can get even more realistic looking results.

The key is that with the ArtRage app, the digital "paint" behaves more like the real thing, allowing the artist to smudge, blend colors, and add layers that build up to create depth.

ArtRage for iPad is available now for $6.99 in the iTunes store

ArtRage for iPad

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