Crazy add-on lets you type from the back of any tablet

The tablet wars are here, bringing with them all kinds of touchscreen keyboards. The only problem with a soft keyboard is that it hogs up nearly half the screen resulting in slower typing speeds. One creative solution is AlphaUI's I back-type, which isn't your everyday keyboard accessory for tablets.

I back-type is an attachment for tablets with 5- to 7-inch screens that connect via a dock port (where is the Bluetooth?). All buttons are located on the backside of the device and are unlabeled. Personal configuration for each key allows for a greater range of flexibility tailored to each individual.

AlphaUI claims that users of I back-type will "easily reach an average speed of 250 characters per minute" after only a week of learning, making typing on with their device twice as fast as on a soft keyboard. Judging from their demonstration video, I have my doubts on the speed — ever tried typing text on a PlayStation Portable with just the face buttons? It's not fun.

While still in beta, I back-type does offer a different approach to typing. AlphaUI has a good idea, but whether people want to carry around another accessory in their bag that merely supplements their tablets is another. I'm willing to bet that I back-type won't see wide distribution outside of its beta form right now, mainly because it just adds to the bulk of what a tablet is supposed to be — light and portable.

AlphaUI, via Netbook News

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