Latest source for electric power? Puréed jellyfish glow goo

The jellyfish population is growing all over the world, so a group of Swedish scientists is looking at ways to harness the power that makes jellyfish glow in various colors.

The species they are using is a common North American variety called Aequorea Victoria, and it is the fluorescent protein that makes them glow green that generates a tiny electrical current. They want to use this to power tiny medical devices that are used for things like imaging tumors, monitoring blood sugar levels, and diagnosing illnesses.

Currently Zackary Chiragwandi and his team at Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg, Sweden, take a bunch of the jellies and puree them in a blender to get the electric goo, but they are also looking at ways to create it artificially.

PhysOrg, via Treehugger

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