Electric Lamborghini drives clean, looks wicked bad

We love fast cars and we love ones that run electric. Designer Andrei Avarvaril isn't trying to reinvent the electric car. He wants to build an electric-powered Lamborghini that drives on clean energy and looks wicked bad.

The Lamborghini Minotauro has three seats — enough for your loved one and pet poodle. The logistics of the motors gets somewhat complicated — since we're in dreamland after all, but the gist of it is that there are four computer controlled motors that split 70% of the vehicles power to the rear and 30% to the front.

Avarvaril doesn't skimp out on the Minotauro's badass either — equipping it with triangular air intakes that help cool the battery and using sound mufflers that channel the noise from the electric motors behind the sportscar.

Like most Hot Wheels, the Minotauro is just a concept for now — one worth drooling over.

Yanko Design, via TechEBlog

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