China's world's fastest supercomputer needs a casemod — badly

China is catching up to the world kiddies. First, they want to build their own space station and now they are claiming to have the world's fastest supercomputer? It's nice to know that the land of knock-offs isn't simply building the next iPhone rip-off and actually making strides in computing.

Designed by the National University of Defense Technology in China, the Tianhe-A1 the is new king of supercomputers — capable of crunching 2.507 petaflops of data. Tianhe-A1 is made up of 7,168 Nvidia GPUs (and you thought your two GPUs in your MacBook Pro was overkill) and 14,336 Intel Xeon CPUs costing a total of $88 million.

It's quite bland looking if we say so ourselves. Why can't the world's fastest supercomputers look super rad like this cyber punk PC? We know the Tianhe-A1 weighs 155 tons, but we're just saying, if you're going to be the world's best or fastest whatever, at least look the part.

Nvidia, via Mashable

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