Camera made from 150-year-old skull takes creepy photos

If you were planning on setting up a photo booth for your Halloween festivities, here's an ideal option for the camera: one that uses a 150-year-old skull as its body. It even processes the film inside its noggin to boot.

Created by sculptor Wayne Martin Bleger, the piece — appropriately titled "Third Eye" — uses a pin-hole camera that directly exposes the film for a time without the aid of flashes or lenses or anything fancy like that. It's pretty much the simplest a camera gets, but Bleger likes it that way. He considers the pinhole method a "true representation of a segment of light and time — a pure reflection of what is at that moment."

Want to see the kind of eerie photos this thing takes? Click on the image below to view it larger:


Boing Boing, via Inhabitat

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