Attention printer makers, please make this hanging printer

Printers are big and bulky — even the small ones. They sit on desks or bookshelves collecting dust for the most part and never see any real innovation except when made out of Lego. The Hanging Printer is different — it's designed to cut the clutter and give you back your desk space.

A product of the imagination of Jaesik Heo, the Hanging Printer does exactly what its name suggests: hang off the side of a table. From what we can tell in the concept images, paper is fed into the printer vertically and printed out via thin slot.

Heo says that by hanging the printer off the side of the table, the user will feel their desk is cleaner. The design is perfect for small offices and where space is limited. Can you just make sure the ink doesn't cost a fortune?

Change 500, via Yanko Design

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