Asus thinks 'puck' mice are still cool, doesn't know what ergonomic means

Has history taught us nothing? Round shaped computer mice are terribly unergonomic. Apple's original circular mouse for the iMac was hated precisely because of its shape. Asus, makers of all things Eee is resurrecting the old "puck-mouse" design and updating it with wireless and touch.

With an uninspiring name such as WX-DL (supposedly named after its designer David Lewis), Asus' mouse has two features that set it apart from most typical Logitech ones. The first one is a multimedia button located at the top — great for controlling your Windows Media Player or whatnot. The second is touch gesture control, an interface akin to the Magic Trackpad or Magic Mouse or even that Magic Mouse clone for PCs.

The Wexeldel (can we call it that?) mouse sells for $80 and works is compatible with Windows 2000 up to Windows 7 PCs. Eighty bones is a bit hard to swallow for hand cramps. The bonus is that the mouse is made from aluminum, so at least you can tell your Mac friends that you didn't buy it because you're crazy, but because its made of premium materials… if you believe all that marketing jibberish.

Akihabara News, via Geeky Gadgets/a>