3D cellphone is cheap and doesn't require glasses

If you think shoving 3D in every piece of gadgetry is the way to go this year, you may be right. This cellphone is one of the first non-smartphones that we've seen that supports 3D without glasses. Oh and it's super cheap!

Spice Mobility has a new cellphone that it wants you to know about. Introducing the M-67 3D — your standard GSM-based cellphone with a 2.36-inch 240 x 320 resolution screen. Just like the Nintendo 3DS, the M-67 3D packs the 3D pop without the 3D glasses. Then again, on such a puny screen, we wouldn't expect content to be as engrossing than if it were on a 60-inch 3D plasma TV.

Don't expect the generically named cellphone to sport any radical new design either. It looks like the designers just ripped off the Sony Ericsson W660.

The M-67 3D will available only in India and cost Rs. 4,299, which is about $97. Someone buy this and tell us how well it works. We'll buy you a drink if it can play James Cameron's Avatar without chugging.

Spice Mobile, via Engadget

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