3D body scanner is specially designed to see where your fat is

We've had body fat scanning technology for a long time. It's called a mirror. If you want to get fancy, though, then you get this body volume index machine, a new 3D scanner that not only analyzes your amount of body fat, but where it is. Where it is could make all the difference.

A large amount of excess fat isn't healthy in general, but what the body volume index scanner (or BVI) is locate exactly where that excess fat is. Fat in different areas of the body can be more damaging than in others. For example, fat in the abdomen can lead to all manner of metabolic diseases.

The body scanning system is a collaboration by researchers across the United Kingdom and it's hoped that it will be more accurate in diagnosing trouble relating to weight than, say, the body mass index scale, which can only tell you what amount of you is fat, not precisely where. Best of all, the machine emits no radiation, so it won't impact your health itself.

More than just a machine for medicine, though, its creators hope that it will be picked up by non-medical professionals, as the BVI scanner could be valuable in athletic applications or even used to study the body shape of specific populations all the world over.

Daily Mail, via CNET

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