2.5 million PlayStation Moves sold prove motion control isn't gimmicky

You got me. I didn't expect Sony's PlayStation 3 Move motion controller to gain much traction, but I was wrong. Sony released some figures that suggest otherwise — it shipped 2.5 million of the motion controllers in a mere 30 days.

Let me see if I understand this correctly. In 2006, Nintendo introduced motion-control gaming to the masses. Everyone played with the waggle games and got tired of it. Sony said it was cornering the core gamers and sticking to its traditional controller. Fast forward four years and Sony's now playing the same game as Nintendo with its wand-like controller — the Move — and people are still biting? That about sums it all up.

The one key differentiator that the Move has is that its motion-tracking software is much more advanced than those found in Nintendo's Wiimote — offering truer instances of 1:1 motion control. High definition graphics driven by the PlayStation 3's powerful cell processor also make the Wii look even more last generation.

Given the huge success that the Wii has had, it's no surprise that Sony would jump to emulate Nintendo's controller. Sony has never been afraid to borrow a few good ideas from its competitors — analog sticks and rumble vibration support anyone? Move controllers are expected to sell very well this holiday season — maybe even sell out. Who says motion controllers are a fad?

Sony, via LA Times

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