World's fastest production car eats Bugatti Veyrons for lunch

The Ariel Atom has been embarrassing supercars for a few years, but now they've replaced the original Honda engine with a big stonking V-8 to make the limited production Atom 500, taking the crown for the world's fastest accelerating car in the process.

The key to speed off the line is the power-to-weight ratio, and the ultra-light minimalist Atoms make other cars look positively obese. With the new V-8 churning out 500 horsepower the Atom 500 has over 900 horsepower per ton, and this translates into a 0-60-mph time of around 2.3 seconds. Top speed is about 200-mph, which should be plenty when you consider that you're essentially sitting outside.

All of this speed will set you back around $200,000, which is kind of a bargain when you consider that the slower Bugatti Veyron Super Sport runs a cool $2.5 million. Of course that price doesn't include luxury doodads like bodywork, a radio, or a heater.

Ariel Atom, via Born Rich

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