Witness airlines' horrifying vision for the future of air travel

Here's a harrowing image: the SkyRider design for new cheapo airplane seats. Clearly designed with cramming as many people as humanly possible onto a plane without much regard for their comfort, it's apparently being looked at by several airlines.

If implemented, I figure you'd see a setup like this on budget airlines, along with a decent price for the flight. So what do you think: would you fly on a seat like this for a few hours if you could get between NYC and LA for, say, $50? Or would you rather pay more for a seat that wouldn't leave you cramped up and in severe pain after a couple of hours? Of course, that's giving the airlines a lot of credit. For all I know, they'll make us fly in a sort-of-standing position for the same price as normal seats cost now. In which case, I'll just walk.

USA Today via PopSci

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