Will Apple win the Internet TV race?

Apple took a few more strides toward an Internet-enabled television after a deal with a company called Rovi. What does that mean for me and you? Well, just like with the iPad, Apple may beat its competitors out of the gate in a major way once again.

Rovi is responsible for the kind of technology that powers DVRs and television listing channels, allowing you to find shows to watch and record. Now, that's more or less what you're doing right now as you peruse Apple TV's library and pick shows to rent. Analysts, however, see this as another step toward bringing out an all-in-one product from Apple that would not only be a set-top box (which is what Apple TV is right now), but also a television.

From CNET:

But the new Apple TV is a stepping stone for something much greater, [Piper Jaffray analyst Gene Munster] and his cohorts contend. They said a more capable Apple TV "is another step in the direction of an all-in-one Apple television." In fact, over the next couple years, the analysts believe the company's new Apple TV, which boasts television show and movie streaming, as well as Netflix content, will attract more customers than its predecessor, potentially setting the stage for a television.

Since it came out in 2007, the original Apple TV hasn't been the strongest seller. The newest iteration could sell up to 1.5 million in its first year when it hits shelves later this year according to the analysts paying attention to it, making it more valuable as a product for Apple to develop.

Google is another company with dreams of bringing out a true Internet TV product. Will Apple beat the company to the punch? Only time will tell, but these same analysts think that it makes sense for Apple to make a big move like this sometime in 2012.


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