What do you get when you spend $99,000 on a projector?

If I had $100,000, I would put most of it into savings, pay off my credit card bills, buy some nice furniture and go out for a lavish meal. But hey, not everybody likes the same things, which is why the Runco SC-60d projector has a $98,995 pricetag.

What do you get for your cool hundo-thouso? Well, it's an HD 3D projector, so you watch 3D movies just like at the theaters. It has dual UHP lamps for extra brightness and excellent color reproduction and supports an aspect ratio up to 2.35:1, which is the widest movies are shot in. It also has all the HDMI hookups you could want.

Worth the scratch? Not to me, but hey, if $100,000 is chump change for you and you want to build a movie theater in your basement, step right up.

Runco via Slippery Brick

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