Magic pen lets you read to your kids when you're not home

Little kids love being read to, but reading Goodnight Moon for the 500th time can be tough for a parent, especially if there's more than one kid vying for your attention. This electronic book reader is designed to ease up on a parent's time a bit, by reading the books your kid wants to hear using your own voice.

First you read the book normally to your kid, but recording each page on the AnyBook reader as you go. Each page is assigned a sticker which links it to that page's recording. Then when the kid wants to hear the page, they simply scan the sticker with the AnyBook, and it plays the recording of your own voice reading that page.

The AnyBook DRP-4000 reader has a whopping 60-hour capacity, although that sounds like it would require a huge pile of stickers. It will be available in October for about $60.

Franklin, via SlashGear

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