This credit card-sized projector could be in your next cellphone

Cellphones have been tacking on a lot of new features over the last handful of years: touchscreens, 3G connections, forward-facing cameras, HD video recording. Projectors being widely available on cells is often looked at as what's next, and this unit could make that possible.

The tiny projector from Swiss firm EPFL has a body that's smaller than a credit card (not in terms of thickness, from the looks of it) and could project an image that's equivalent in size to a 15-inch screen from as little as half a meter away. Sure, it's no big screen TV, but it also means no more huddling over your cellphone when a hangout devolves into a Youtube viewing fest.

The device could find its way into cellphones and even laptops and MP3 players as early as next year. Maybe you'll be able to project friends' faces onto the wall using the iPhone 5's PojectionTime, eh?

TG Daily, via Engadget

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