Buddha speaker finished in 23-karat gold costs $43,000

Bow down and pray to the sounds of this floating Buddha — his base contains a pair of speakers. What gives the enlightened one his ethereal glow? In fact, the glow of all these speaker/sculptures from a company called TON (it's pronounced "tone," printed with a horizontal line over the "O" I can't reproduce here) is light reflected off the 23-karat gold-leaf exterior.

That gold leaf, and the fact that all of TON's speakers are hand-crafted to order, makes all these glittering sonic stunners a bit on the pricey side: $13,250 each (not per pair) to $43,000 for the Buddha. I'd normally make fun on this opulence, but these speaktures (a portmanteau word I just made up) are quite impressive in person and, if you check out their environmental placement on the TON Web site, you'll see how they really blend in in a well-appointed home or ruthless dictator palace. Not one that I'll ever live in, but maybe I'll get to visit one some day.

Unfortunately, there are as yet no matching center channel, surround speakers or subwoofers. Now I definitely won't buy any.

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