'The Big O' crams a PC and Xbox in a glorious, liquid-cooled case

There's often thought to be a line between console and PC gamers. After all, you're going to different places for each: say, you're Xbox 360 or gaming computer. Well, no longer, as a company named Origin has crammed both into one epic case.

As far as having the most powerful hardware to play the latest PC titles, Origin's "Big O" has that covered with an already fast Intel Core i7 930 processor that's been overclocked to run at 4GHz, two graphics cards running in tandem, 6GB of RAM, and over two terabytes of storage split between conventional HDDs and solid-state drives. What's more, the whole thing is liquid cooled — even the Xbox inside — which will keep this beast of a rig running a lot cooler than fans could. The Xbox can be played while the PC is busy with something else, as well, such as downloading demos or music.

Of course, with great computer hardware comes a great price: $7,700. By comparison, you could buy an Xbox 360 and build your own powerful computer and still come in at under $2,000, easy.

Origin, via Maximum PC

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