Shape-shifting robotic mannequin lets you try out clothes online

Sometimes buying clothes from a website is like buying blind: you get a shirt in the mail only to find out that one store's medium is a toddler size at another. Buying blind, that is, unless the store has a fancy shape-shifting mannequins that'll act as your proxy.

The body snatching 'bot comes by way of an Estonian start-up called, helmed by a fella named Heikki Haldre. The company only has a male model right now, capable of altering its shape into 2,000 different configurations. "It can be as beer-belllied or gym toned as you are," Haldre said. "And we can show you how a small versus a medium fits on you, for example."

There's a female model in the works due out in November, though Haldre's staff is apparently still working out the kinks: "My engineers now have the best job in the world: Studying women's breasts."

Check it out in the video below:

PopSci, via Neatorama

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