Shape-shifting skyscraper adjusts for maximum light

See that ghostly honeycomb tower in the middle there? The one with the fancy lights? That's the PSi Tower by Michael Young, an ultra-modern skyscraper designed for Hong Kong. Its hexagon-studded shape isn't just for show, either. The various faces actually move to maximize the amount of natural light inside the structure.

The spire will contain space for both offices and luxury apartments, while the ground floor houses a pedestrian walking section, restaurants and public art. There will also be an open-air garden and outdoor theater area, making the PSi Tower the very definition of mixed-use.

Of course, with something like this one's always got to ask, "When will it be built?" (Let alone "How will it work?") The official plans for the building won't be laid out until November, where Young is set to present his design in full.

Designboom, via Dezeen

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