See Pac-Man performed by over 100 'human pixels'

I would have settled for someone dressed up in a Pac-Man suit chasing around bed-sheet ghosts, but Guillaume Reymond and his GAME OVER Project did it up in style. 111 people spent four hours in different colored shirts to make this stop-motion video happen.

From the creators:

PAC-MAN was played by real human-beings sitting in a cinema: it's the 5th video performance of the GAME OVER Project from the French-Swiss artist Guillaume Reymond. This stop-motion video was shot and played for the new ProHelvetia's programme GameCulture at the Trafo cinema (Baden, Switzerland) on August 28th 2010. This giant game was played by 111 human pixels that has moved from seat to seat during more than 4 hours...

GAME OVER Project, via Laughing Squid

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