Space hotel will offer real get away from it all vacations

Forget those quickie tourist shots into space, a Russian company is planning to build a space hotel, where both scientists and just regular (but very rich) folks can go to kick back for a while.

The Commercial Space Station is a joint project of Orbital Technologies and RSC Energia, and is expected to launch in about five to six years. The expected cost of these weightless vacations was not revealed, but naturally it will depend on the length of the trip and what you plan to do while you're up there. No word on whether they will have some kind of frequent flier program for regular guests.

The CSS will be parked about 62 miles from the International Space Station, so interchanges between the crews of both stations should be a possibility. Guests will reach the CSS on Russian Soyuz spacecraft, and the 'hotel' will be serviced by unmanned Progress supply vehicles.

I wonder if they've figured out a way to make the mint stay on your pillow in the weightlessness of space? via, BornRich