Record your entire life with the Looxcie wearable camera

You know what people really want to see? All of your life, from your point of view. I mean, you just do so many exciting things! Luckily, there's the Looxcie wearable video camera.

Looking a bit like a Bluetooth headset on steroids, the Looxcie hooks over one ear and helpfully records up to four hours of video at a time. When it's full, it just starts deleting the oldest footage. If something really crazy happens to you, you can push a button and the last 30 seconds of footage get beamed to your Android phone via Bluetooth so you can edit and upload it to the service of your choice.

It's pretty neat, I guess, although would you really want to wear this thing around at all times just in case something neat happens? What are you living your life for, to record things for other people to see or for you to just experience them? This might be a step too far into the realm of being an awkwardly obsessive oversharer.

Looxcie via Gizmodo

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