Philips creates the widest 3D TV yet

Most people have widescreen TVs now, as all HDTVs are widescreens. Unlike older tube TVs, which had a more square aspect ratio, people are now into a more rectangular image. But Philips 21:9 3D TV makes normal widescreen TV's look downright square in comparison.

21:9 is a super-wide image format, one that many movies use but not many TV shows or video games have adopted. This means that you would have no black bars at the top or bottom of the screen while viewing a 21:9 video, but you'd have black bars on the sides of the screen when viewing 16:9 or lesser ratios. Weird!

In addition to being, you know, 3D capable, the 58-inch TV also features Philips Ambilight tech that shines colored lights on the wall behind your TV for reasons that were never really clear to me.

Philips via Gizmodo

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