Pepper spray ring will almost definitely be used by accident

This ring hides a secret, and that secret is pepper spray. If someone gets a little too close, simply pull the latch on the side to give them a face full of hot, burning powder. What could possibly go wrong?

The included spray causes "inflammation of the eye capillaries and all other mucous membranes, resulting in immediate temporary visual impairment, difficult breathing, coughing, choking, sneezing, severe burning sensations to the eyes, nose, throat and skin, and nausea, with acute symptoms and discomfort lasting for 45 minutes," which sounds downright delightful. Luckily, a ring isn't something you'd fiddle with while bored or antsy, so there's really almost no chance at all that you will accidentally spray yourself in the face with this while stopped at a red light or something. Nope, no chance at all.

Self Defense Products via Neatorama

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